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The following informtion is feedback on Unison’s control room upgrade by provided by Nigel Brown, Operations Manager at Unison Networks.

CRS: What was the problem you needed to solve?

Nigel: Unison Networks had a major planned project of implementing a new Advanced Distribution Management System and the current two control desks were fixed and not ergonomically designed. It was planned to introduce a third Operators console and the existing Control Room was not able to be physically changed so Unison sought help from Control Room Solutions to assist our staff develop a layout for the room and operators consoles.

CRS: Why did you choose Control Room Solutions?

Nigel: CRS had previously made themselves known to Unison and due to their ability and track record at the time Unison visited their Adelaide premises for a meeting.

CRS: How did we solve your problem?

Nigel: CRS were able to size the room, constraints and fixtures and “fit” the three consoles within the room, plus making the room feel larger than it actually was. Recommendations for wall coverings to reduce noise levels were also incorporated into the design.

CRS: How was our solution unique?

Nigel: Never before have we been able to walk around the proposed layout, change the orientation and ‘try” various console layouts in the CADwalk environment. It was a unique and enlightening  experience that existing staff were able to try and then ensure it would work before any fit out started.

CRS: What did you particularly like about our approach or delivery?

Nigel: CRS were able to provide a project and delivery plan that was adhered to and the changeover went smoothly and was completed on time.

CRS: How would you summarise the experience as a whole?

Nigel: Overall the acceptance of staff to the new operations environment and consoles was the the icing on the cake as they were impressed and gave them an impetus to reduce waste and paper from our existing processes.

CRS: Would you recommend CRS to others?

Nigel: Unison has no hesitation in recommending other electrical distributors to CRS as our experience has been rewarding. Other companies have made visits to our redeveloped control room and were impressed with the layout and control consoles. We definitely would use their services again.