Thank you for visiting the website of Critical Room Solutions. We draw on over 20 years experience in design and integration of physical and audio-visual aspects of the control room space to provide reliable and innovative solutions to a diverse range of customers across Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Please feel free to browse our site to see what we do and to learn how our capabilities may assist you with your project.

What we do

We specialise in the physical and audio-visual aspects of control room design and management, from technical furniture such as control room consoles and industrial desks to audio-visual systems including overview screens and video walls. We work with architects, project managers and PLC/SCADA integrators including Yokogawa, Siemens and Logicamms to create market leading critical room solutions for customers in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia.

Our solutions focus on the physical workspace and audio-visual components of the control room, including:

  • Technical furniture including control room desks, modular workstations, industrial desks and the control room console.
  • Video and audio control room equipment including overview screens, video walls and video wall management.
  • Overall control room design including control room layouts, control room upgrades and control room change overs.

Our consulting services include control room design and ergonomic analysis, all the way to complete control room installation and commissioning. We serve clients of all sizes, for control rooms of one or two operators to larger command and control centres, primary control centres, incident control rooms and remote operation centres.

If you are planning a new project or would like a review of your existing infrastructure, you have the option of contacting us for a face to face meeting.